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3 Commands Your Dog Should Know

When you adopt a dog or purchase a puppy, it’s easy to get caught up in the dream of pet companionship. After all, you wanted a dog so that you had someone to snuggle with, to spend extra time with, and for your family to bond with. However, for your dog to be a well-behaved member of the family, it’s crucial that he or she learn a few important commands. This will ensure that your pet can be polite in most situations so that they’re welcome to visit with others instead of rejected simply for being a dog.

Let’s look at some simple commands that it’s important for your dog to learn:

Sit: This basic command ensures that your dog knows when to put its butt on the ground, instead of jumping excitedly all over you, your children, or the mailman. The command keeps those around you safe and helps your dog know who’s in charge. You can practice this command with your dog and some store bought training treats or small healthy bits of your dog’s favourite foods. Reward the dog each time for success, then slowly phase out the reward as the command is learned.

Down: This command teaches your dog to put its entire body on the ground near you in a down or a down/stay position. This is a great command to practice near entryways of your home so that your dog learns not to jump up on visitors. After all, it’s impossible to be leaping excitedly on a visitor and lying quietly near the door at the same time. This command is an essential one to teach your dog so that you can enter and exit your home safely, greet guests politely, and keep everyone from being jumped on.

Come: Occasionally, your pet will get away from you or will be in an area of your home where you do not want them to be. Or, you simply want your dog to come be near you. In this case, you’ll want to use the “come” command and have it be successful. This is an essential command that you’ll want to practice with your dog until it’s rock steady, in case your dog ever breaks its leash, escapes, or gets away from you in some other manner. It’s absolutely crucial that your dog knows to return to you each time you use the “come” command.

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