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We are no longer an active service provider for the below regions and instead use this website to post educational materials to inform and educate pet owners.

Animal Control is third only to police and fire protection in the personal protection. It is an important component in providing a safe environment to live in.

The reason for companion animal overpopulation is that many people do not spay or neuter their dogs and cats, which then reproduce, creating enormous numbers of kittens and puppies. They are responsible for introducing more animals into the world that already has too many cats and dogs in need of good homes.

Many animals are left to suffer on the street or are abandoned or killed by their owners. The lucky ones are taken to open-admission shelters. Many of the animals who made it to The Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter (formerly an open-admission shelter) were reclaimed by their guardians or adopted into new homes.

We were responsible for stray or nuisance dogs or cats in the Municipalities of:

The City of Greater Sudbury,
The Town of Espanola,
The Town of Massey,

or stray or nuisance dogs, in the Municipalities of:

The Town of Nairn-Hyman,
The Township of Baldwin (McKerrow),
The Town of Webbwood,
The Town of Walford,
The Town of Spanish,



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